Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I'm Back! finish my spring/summer semester @ school and officially back to working FT at the office. So much stuff I havent been able to update on and its too much for just one post so it'll be over the next few :) I'm so excited to be back and reading/writing blogs again! it seemed like forever!

So where have I been?

...#1: studying!!
all day all night i've been up studying for my finals, working on assignments and everything in between! if you follow me on twitter thats all i've really been doing lately! Sososo happy i'm done....and my 4 week summer starts!

...#2: unpack & building!!
since the move we're still not full settled in. i've still got a few boxes around that havent been unpacked. when im not studying or working i try to do as much i can to get settled in. my bfs been really good at helping me and building things for my room lol i'm not much use when it comes to tools but i try ;) lol

...#3: Downtown Toronto on campus

This is where I am almost everyday since my faculty is literally attached to Toronto's best mall ever ;) lol

lol looks sososo bad..but soso good! our appitizer before our patio dinner....this was the view from the patio over looking one of the best parts of Toronto:
Theres always some type of shindig going on...i usually get out of class at 930 so its nice to see downtown still lively and filled with people :)

Recent Hauls:

My bfs been really supportive during my stressful school semesters. He likes to surprise me with things i loveeee and here's some of the things he'd gotten me in the past month :)

MAC Moisture Tint
MAC e/s Satin Taupe
MAC e/s Expensive Pink
MAC e/s Sketch
Some random lip balm

He's definitely helping me fill up my palettes :) and im soo happy he got me the moisture tint cuz i havent been working much lately and because of the move i've had soo many expenses to pay :(
i'll be doing a review post soooon!

I got the Sigma full brush set :) I'll be doing a full post on it soon too so I didnt want to put up too many pics yet...but so far theyre SOOO good! lol and i sorta feel bad about buying all the MAC brushes I already have cuz these ones are definitely comparable espcially if youre in a budget :)

So thats me first little update...I hope to be back A LOT more often! I miss reading blogs and writing them!! I have a lot to fit into my one month summer so I should have more updates!




Anonymous said...

you're aliiiiiive! i can't imagine doing summer school, but i'm sure you had a very productive summer =)

i can't wait to read more about the sigma brushes!!

Denysia said...

moving in is very stressful, glad that you are back! and the mac stuff your boyfriend bought look gorgeous! you will need to do a review on all the items very soon! :)

Sher said...

awesome! you should do a room tour! I love looking at people's places! when do you start school again? we should get together sometime! wow youre so tanned but you look really good and glowy :) awwww what a nice bf! hows the mac TM?? I have been eyeing it...

izumi said...

awwww your bf is so sweet to you! i don't think mine would ever buy anything like that for me xD hahaha. sounds like you deserve it though!!

lindah said...

I missed you :D I'm glad your haven't died from overload studying ^_^ <33 and I saw that TM too but I think it's too sheer for the state that my skin is in right now :P your boyfriend is such a sweetie! and hopefully everything goes smoothly when you move out ;D

Anonymous said...

Hey~! We must go to the same school then haha! So awesome lololol... except that being downtown all the time really enables me to keep spending >.<.
And gosh darn your bf is so nice. It's great that you have a supportive bf =).

Melissa said...

I hope you have time to unstress and relax! That is so sweet of your bf to buy you MAC! I've been MIA too!

Anonymous said...

I'm in the psychology program going into third year =)

Halifax said...

It was late for me too to find out about Sigma brushes after buying some MAC. Oh well, a girl can't have too many brushes :-)

Valz said...

Cool pics and interesting haul!

Eugenia said...

aww your bf is sooo nice!