Sunday, July 5, 2009


I just got back from Cuba this past week & its been crazy since. Started a new set of summer courses and i'm moving this Friday and still have yet to pack lol....i've also been working 4-5 days a week since i got back so its crazy...gotta pay those bills! haha

Blog sale & Giveaway
Anyways just wanted to say thanks again for everyone who participated in my blog sale & giveaway. I still have a few more items to put up which i'll do in a separate post.

'Milestone Party'

Heres a pic of me and the bf from this 'Milestone' party my family recently had. Also a pic of my EOTD picture isnt that clear though. it was basically for 5 bday celebrants and 5 graduates in my family. the 5 bday celebrants were for those who turned a 'Milestone' age.

New House!Lol just a random pic i snapped of the construction guys working on the house....rushing to make sure its ready by Friday. =)

I havent really been doing any hauling in a while cuz im trying to save money so i've really been trying to use up what i have lately. but here are a few things i've picked up in May/June.

1. Joe Fresh Cheek Tint $4- Bronze
2. Joe Fresh Cheek Tint $4- Nude
3. Joe Fresh Cheek Tint $4- Rose
4. Joe Fresh Cream Foundation $8

The Joe Fresh line is such an affordable line for the quality you get...i also like the simple packaging it comes in. its all so cute!

Houston Haul
4. Sonia Kashuk Blending Sponge
5. Sonia Kashuk Eyeliner brush- oppps not pictured.

I got the beauty blender @ Target when i went to Houston. Its funny cuz that was the ONLY reason why i wanted to go to Target..i went there asked my friend where the sonia k stuff was...and was sad to see i couldnt find it. so i looked at the other sonia k stuff since we can't get it here in Toronto....and was soooo happy to see ONE left tucked behind another regular sponge. yayy!! lol i've still yet to try it but will def do a review once i do.

The lovely tour guides of Houston...missing 1. But i had a great time in Houston thanks to them...they took me around ...took me to my first time at ULTA lol and so much more. i have a funny pic of me at the park standing my an American flag...yahoooo! American at heart =) haha i wanted to put it up but it was a printed picture and i didnt have time to scan it loll.

Cuba Haul
6. Cuba box
7. Earrings from cuba x2
8. "Cuba" bracelet.
I didn't really get much from Cuba. This is what i got for myself and just got some cuban cigars and cuban rum for the bf. otherthan that spent most of my time at the beach and the pool lol

Some Cuba Pictures

Yup...i loveeee Lauren Conrad. obvi. haha i lovee her book its so good. if you like the hills you'll love this book =) thanks to the bf who surprised me with this just before i left for cuba <3333>

View from the balcony room =)

My family who came =) there was 24 of us total to celebrate my aunt and uncles 25th wedding anniversary.

Big Chess!! just like on big brother! hhaha it was the first time i saw this in person! lolll too bad i dnt knw how to play chess!! hahaha i'm determined to learn eventually

During the ceremony....sooooooo beautiful!

This was the look i did for the reception...very simple. didnt have much time to do my own makeup since i was helping my cousins my mom and my aunt and cuz it was too hot so i didnt wear much make up lol since it'll probably just sweat off. this was the only time during the whole trip i wore anything on my face! besides moisturizer and spf haha loll what a record!

Finally back home in his arms! sheesh it felt like forever. missed him soso much! this picture was taken at our anniversary dinner...i was tired after work a day after i arrived back.

I'm planning on doing a post on my travel makeup bag...i've already unpacked what i brought on my trip..but after the move i'll try to get everything i brought together and do a post =)

For the next 5 days my days will be working....going to class...studying for my test on Thursday and packing for the move on Friday. its gna be such a busy week...wish me luck!!!




Sher said...

goodluck on your exam!!! aww youre moving to a new home? lucky! do a video or photo tour when youre all settled :) did you move out of the city or are still in? lol
you look great with not much makeup :)

Melissa said...

aw girl you gots a sexy tan from your vacation. You got a busy week coming up, hopefully you have time to relax! I'm glad my look inspired you!

Jen said...

welcome back! looks like you had a ton of fun on your vacay! gah! i can't wait to go on a vacay!

oOoH! i've heard good reviews about lauren's book. i'll have to get it after i finish the twilight saga =P

you look sooo cute in your bathing suit! your motivating me! HAHA!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Thanks for sharing your vacation pictures! ;)

Catanya said...

Lovely pics!! really seems you had a lovely time!

Pop Champagne said...

new house!! So exciting and congrats <3 I love the giant chess pieces at cuba omg I'd love to play a game on that!!!

lindah said...

OMG that picture of you with the silhouette in the sunset is SEXY! My favorite pictureeee! and one of your houston tour guides looks like my friend tony! and that dolphin O_O I don't think I want to swim with those because I don't know how to swim anyways :P

and yeah I've saved up for this stupid macbook since march! well, that's not long but I don't really have any bills to pay for, just like 1 or 2 lol :)

Shar [X3MZSHAR] said...

Wow that lookd like sooo much fun! and the pic with you and the dolphin is cute, i dont think id be able to smile if that were me, id panic haha. was the place where the ceremony was held at the hotel you're staying? its so beautiful.

KRYSTAL said...

that is such a pretty black dress!! love the pics! thanks for sharing! and omg, i want that la candy book from lauren conrad!! i will buy it soon! hehe

Nicole said...

wow the place looks amazing and swimming with dolphines i've always wanted to do that it must have been so awesome :)

Roxy said...

cuba is GORGEOUSSS i'm so jealous you went! looks like you had a ton of fun though! I really love your outfit in the first picture! where'd you get your skirt?

Janelle said...

Ooh CUBA! I can see you had an amazing time! Glad you had a fun & safe trip :) Now its back to the daily grind, eh?

I love your pic with the dolphin! Too cute!

Iyah said...

Ohhh sexy!!! love the tan on you!! :D very pretty!! and wow a new house? Congratulations!!! :D

Joy said...

That sky and background is hypnotic!

audrey said...

amazing landscape, you're so lucky^^