Sunday, May 17, 2009

What I cannot live without....right now :)

I decided to do a "what i can't live without right now" post since as im sure like many of you our faves change all the time! lol but heres a breakdown of what im currently using and what i <3>

1. Mineralized Foundation:
Since its spring almost summer i try to steer away from the heavy foundations. Lately i've been using my mineralized satinfinish foundation mixed with moisturizer to thin it out a bit. its been my daily use lately.... on my lazy days: i just moisturize my face then use mineralized skin finish natural when im not looking for that much coverage or just going out for a few hours....ORRR when im lazy heh

2. Soft and Gentle MSF
since my blush/bronzer changes daily or depending on my mood...regardless of which i use, i tend to use my soft and gentle MSF paired with whatever blush/bronzer im using. It gives such a pretty subtle glow I <33 3. Covergirl Lash Blast Mascara
theee best drug store brand mascara in my books :)

4. Carmex
i absolutely hateeee going out without this! i remember once i left it in my other purse and i was dyinggg without it! loll im thinking of getting some backups to keep around cuz its just that good! ...wouldnt hurt that its so cheap! lol

5. Loreal Lineur Intense eyeliner
this suff is need to explain cuz im sure ya'll know! heh

6. bath & body works hand sanitizer
....or and hand sanitizer in general i hateee germs esp with swine and all eeks. everytime im out and i get a chance u can find me putting on sanitizer...for everyone from Toronto you know how they added those sanitizer dispencers outside of the stations at dundas and all around eatoln center...yup those r my best friends! heh since i get off at dundas to get to school u can always find me standing at one of those right when i get out ...foooor sure!

7. Concealor
lately ive been using my studio sculpt concealor + my BE concealor to set it. but any type of under eye concealor is a must for my every day....need to cover those dark circles :)

8. My Top 5 Brushes:
Mac 187
Mac 109
Posh Powder brush
Mac 217
Mac 224- my newest love!! i cant believe i went for so long without this.

9. NYX cottage cheese e/s
k i really didnt want to choose just ONE e/s but i had to mention this one. right now i loveeeee this e/s. its such a pretty high light color and really brightens everything up.

10. Last but not least....UDPP
again no need for an explanation of why :)

i knowww i've been so lacking on the posts and blog reading lately....back to spring/summer school its only been 2 weeks and i've already had 2 midterms its crazyyy! the good thing is i go on 2 Vacations in June....Houstan and Cubaaaa i cant waitt! I finally get to go to a target hahah after sooo long + hopefully a CCO somewhere! But i need to tame myself on the spending and pay my bills first. I officially skipped the rose romance collection...and im TRYINGG not to get anything from style warriors....although the cute packaging is def drawing me in!

Thats all for now! i'll be back soooon hopefully with a tinyyy haul i had. Enjoy the weekenddd! Going to the spa for a massage on Sunday :) + booking an appointment for my facial. cant wait!




lindah said...

Oh you're coming to Houston?!?! I was going to go on a weekend road trip over there with some friends! LOL. And I need to try out another liquid foundation, the one the SA tried on me doesn't even match, but I thought it did at the time :( What a waste of $40! Yeah, I'm taking the summer off for once, no getting ahead for me :P

Sher said...

omg yes my UDPP is getting dry! its in a mini sample jar thingy :( they chnaged their wand so its bent but I dont think it will work any better...
and yessss I am loving that hip teal! its so nice on us brown eyed girls :)
I wanna see the mummies at the ROM, oh and also the dinos!

My-My said...

hmmm. . . I need to do this post too. lol.

Anonymous said...

#1. you

♥Leigh♥ said...

What's carmex? Hehehe..Ü sorry i dunno this stuff..
Ooh I would love to try that Loreal e/l cuz I'm out of e/l. huhuhu..

Melissa said...

Hello! I tagged you!

Anonymous said...

ooh I used to use carmex all the time too but then I discovered aquaphor- I feel like its even more moisturizing than carmex & it doesn't taste as bad!

cute blog, <3

Gaby said...

I LOVE that Lash Blast mascara! Nice post!

I'm following your blog (=

*Nehs* said...

great blog u got here! follow u now. ;)

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

that foundation sounds so good!!

Anonymous said...

nyx cottage cheese? hehe sounds intriguing im def going to have to check it out! hehe i LOVE the Mac Mineralized Satin Finish they realy went up and beyond with their Mineralized Collection they are pretty much awesome

Jen said...

AHHH! I think you're swaying my decision to yes! I'm very tempted to go and get Mineralized SatinFinish! My only worry is that I'll get tanner as summer comes along.. Hmmmm... decisions decisions...

paperdollrevenge said...

Target!! I love that place...there's always something to buy! Yay for your upcoming vacations! =)

Tina Marie said...

Ooh I almost can't live without the same stuff as you. Haha

-Yu- said...

Hi, love! thank you for the follow! you have an amazing blog! love your posts.

I can't live without my Nyx cottage cheese too! Makes the eyes looks so much brighter and awake!

Sher said...

Hi bev! thank you for your sweet comment on my sad post lol
why are you looking for a new job?? I have been looking for one since forever and everything feels so hopeless now! I was soooo sure I would get this, esp. considering the whole month wait and 3 interviews and good things they told me!
when are you going on vacay?? lucky!

Sarah said...

Ooh great post gorgeous!! I always wondered what all the hype was about UDPP UNTIL I tried it!!! It lives up to it for sure!!!!!

Janelle said...

Hey hun! Thanks for the sweet comment about my 5K race. It was so much fun!

Carmex saved my lips. Can't live without it either!

Viva La Fashion said...

oh, i love lash blast, when i saw the comericial for it featuring drew barrymore i rushed out to buy it! :D