Friday, May 8, 2009

Maybe yes...Maybe no? Suggestions?

Ok so i'm in desperate need of some opinions lol sooo theres this really awesome GWP at Sears [a dept. store in Canada] and you only have to spend $26.50 and this is what you get: Awesome right?!??! i want BOTH haha more of the LIP choice b/c the small lippie bag is so cute! So I used to be a die hard Clinique fan, when I had a friend who worked at the Clinique Counter I was totally hooked on it all. I have soooo many GWP's that I still haven't opened! loll but i wanttt this one. But not sure what's left for me to try! lol so if anyone has any suggestions please let me know :) otherwise I may have to pass on this fab GWP lol because I'm honestly stumped and have no idea what to get lol i'm not sure if i should pass on this because I am on a budget and have been. As I mentioned in my previous post i need to start saving $$ and paying my bills before I buy anymore beauty products. I have the whole thought of yeah..they'll always be GWP's so i could skip on this one and another one will come. But i dont know haha im soo stuck! lol

So thats my dilemma....let me know if you have any suggestions :) haha because clearly im undecided! heh

Random!! but this is what im drinking right now!
and i couldn't help but mention i freaking loooove this drink! heh i havent had it in a long time so i HAD to add it into my post! heh yah yah im lame ;) loll

K so my bf and i went out for korean bbq last week...heres the look i did
From what I remember....i was feel soo under the whether this day!...


CS gel liner in white- base
CS 88 palette matte
MAC Vanilla e/s
L'Oreal Lineur Intense in Black
Lash Blast Mascara


Clinique Moisture Surge
MAC studio Sculpt concealor NW 25
MAC studio Sculpt foundation NC 40
forgot what i used on my cheeks lol


i forgot! lol

I didnt dress up or anything because I wasn't feeling well at all that day. My eyes are barely open in that pic up there haha I didn't even want to go out but for the sake of our anniversary i did :) Although towards the end of the night i was complaining because of the pain heh But my bf is good and he understands [thank goodness!] lol so i was a party pooper and wanted to go home after our dinner.

He suprised me with THIS BAD BOY! haha....

yayy!! heh i'm surprised he remembered i wanted this because i had only mentioned once.
Omg he's going to kill me for posting that paper haha cuz i was making fun of his childish penmanship lol i think he wrote it just as he was about to meet me so he was in a hurry lol but its the thought that counts right? heh :)

I was given an award the from Lindah :) thanks girll!! heh don't forget to check her out!

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Thats it for to bed! 12:02 at 9am tmw!! Goodnight! Hope everyone has a fab weekend :)




lindah said...

MAC 224! :O I have yet to buy more than 5 full size mac brushes.. It feels like such a ripoff! :( but anywho, I like the pinks! and you're NC 40? o_O you look so light! I think we had almost the same GWP at dillard's but I ended up getting both of them anyway xP I think I liked the lips better because the color was prettier and the eyelash curler is totally not all that :P

but anywho, I think that's the only fullsize pigment I'll get from mac. I really liked it because it's a muted color since I always wear brights lol. If anything get the blush because it's pretty :D


♥Leigh♥ said...

Heeyy! Thanks for the award! Weeee..There goes my 1st award on bloggger!!Ü

I honestly think you should get either one cuz they both look damn good,whether eyes or lips choice.Ü at some point,I ♥ clinique.Ü lol hooked on melon milk. got to try that mango nectar more on juices than sodas y'know.Ü

aww..u and the bf looks so sweet..happy anniversary to u both!!more to come!Ü he so knows what u want.yay for MAC stuffs! u are so loved girl!!!Ü

Sher said...

yay thanks for the award!
btw, you free fri or thurs for sushi? I can't make it to tias dinner at keg on sat, cause of money issues :S!
I love that mango drink, love! you look good for someone who isn't feeling well lol what a nice bf to remember! congrats!
I say skip the clinique! I hear they always have gwps, though I never remember when I do have money hmmm lol

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the award! It's my first, so I really appreciate it =)

I just got the gwp for clinique at the Bay in February, and I really like the stuff I got! I'm still hardly making a dent in the purchase that I made then, so I don't think I'll be going for any of these gwps, but I'm kinda leaning towards the eye one! Only because I hardly wear lippies/glosses compared to eye stuff.

HOW CUTE IS THAT NOTE?! Your boyfriend is very sweet for getting you that brush =) I totally need a good blending brush, but I think I'll find a cheap dupe for the 224 - mac is just way too pricey for an amateur like moi.

mszcheysser said...

How cute! Your boyfriend remembers - I don't think mine would ever will. Hahaha. Maybe sometimes :)

Blah! I'm broke. BUT I do want to get at that Clinique special.

Sarah said...

Awww thanks for the tag gorgeous girl!!!! I will have to get onto this :) I love your pink eyeshadow, so pretty!! Wowzer your BF must know you veryyy well to give you MAC as a gift! I'm sorry to hear you weren't feeling so well, hope you're all better now!

mzkrystall said...

awww ur bf is tooo sweeet, and i love clinique and their free bonuses! i hope they have that in our local dillards/sears. gonna check them out tomorrow! =]

EbeautyBlog said...

Good ol' Clinique always have the best gifts with purchase. I love all their little samples too.

Have you tried Moisture surge by Clinique? If not, I'd recommend that.

Anonymous said...

Hi... I know gifts with purchase are sneaky lil tricks that make people give in & buy. LOL. Have you tried their cream liner? it's awesome! and of course their gel moisturizer that we already have right? hehe.=]

Oh sadly I wasn't able to find someone to switch their shift w/me.. so I'll miss her on her prom day. so sad!

& happy anniversary to you guys.

Bradpetehoops said...

So cute!

Janelle said...

Aww how cute of your bf to buy you the 224! He's a keeper. ;) I like your FOTD. You're really pretty!

Iyah said...

Hahah! how cute! he surprised you with 224! :)

I say get the GWP with lippie: Angelic :)

Uhm, I was confused with your comment. I didn't buy a new moisturizer..

Beauty Savvy said...


omigosh, did you have your photo taken at Korean BBQ on Queen West??? I'm from TORONTO!

And the GWP promo is over now, but I hope you didn't get All About Eyes, beacuse the eyelash curler was just so bad. I've seen better ones at Dollarama.

p.s. I was really thinking about getting the 224, but I've heard that it gets fluffier after a couple of washes. I got the 217 instead because of my smaller crease.

sexythang said...

youre boyfriend is sooooooo SWEEEET! =P

Sherry said...

clinique here there is no free at all, you need to spend like $400 only can get something free but size is not big too the free gift.