Sunday, May 3, 2009

Back for spring school!! wahh..

Yup, its Sunday. The last day of my 1 week vacay until spring school. So i did a bit of hauling during my last weekend off heres what i got:

H&M Haul:
1. book/macbook bag! soooo cute i couldnt not pick it up. saw this last minute while i was already in the line

2. small flower pins

3. sunglasses to add to my freaking obsession for them haha i may even get a back up of these ones cuz i <3>

Sally's Haul:
China Glaze looooove:

1. for audrey

2. shower together

3. heaven

They were buy 2 get one free + they only had 1 for audrey left :)


1. Concealer Jar in Green for those bad boy red pimples :P

2. Concealer Stick in Yellow for the poor sleepless nights! heh

3. B12 brush

4. B16 brush

5. e/s in Maui [which i think i already have :S]

6. el 116 falsies

They have very limited selection of ELF in Canada and only had these box sets...funny cuz i walked right passed it without even noticing, it was until my bf had pointed it out and i was happy :) heh it was only $8 i probably didnt neeeeeed this or the e/s's but w/e for $8 i couldnt not get it + the brush, violet pencil and falsies are useful :) next time i should have more control haha i realllly need to stop hauling!

And again, thanks to the BF [sheesh lol what'd i do without him] i didn't even notice this Urban Decay lip palette until he pointed it out! haha i must have been out of it i think i was tired by this time haha so I got this lip palette for only $8 as well! i couldnt believe it because i looked it up and it was selling for $29. so i def lucked out. I'm usually not big in lip palettes but w/e again i couldnt not get it cuz of the this one is cute and i can throw in my purse :P lol

So there goes my freedom week! lol back to having my nose in my txt books :S wahh. I think after this haul i'm going to have to take a 'no hauling' period and pay my bills first. Its just sooo hard when you're at the store haha i can't not buy things and i constantly convince myself i need it when i probably really dont. gahh so im def going to try a bit harder. espcially because i know the MAC warehouse sale is coming up and im trying hard to get tix :) but maybe being back @ school will make me haul less since i'll have less time to browse the malls! lol buttttt i am in need of a new moisturizer preferably one with SPF of at least 30 + a white one so i can mix it with my foundation so if you have any suggestions plsss let me know! i'm thinking the cediphil one with SPF 50 because i saw on a tv show it was reallly good, but the bottle is tiny for $15 so im nottt sure. anyways Hope you girls had a great weekend! it was beauttttiful outside!




lindah said...

only $8?!?! what a deal :D and I <3 for audrey, but it seems like it's everyone's fav lol. you forgot to mention the Jergens!

Sher said...

you've got me craving sushi now!
where did you find those nyx stuff?? the ones Ive seen are either shadows or the crappy lipgloss/sticks
I had to CP for my concealer in a jar!
I heard the shiseido sunscreen one is amazing, no breakouts and waterproof I think but a lot of people like it.
do you need a sallys card to shop at sallys?? I didnt even know we had one here

♥Leigh♥ said...

yay for hauls again! hmmp!Ü hehe..
yeah,im currently in dxb right now..
so, im guessin' it's gonna be a tough search for the masque,ughh!!

Sarah said...

OH my gosh that is a fantastic haul! LOVE it all!!! The Urban Decay palette looks devine! Hmm it's tricky to find a decent moisturizer I know!!! Clinque usually does okay I think! Haha yes I LOVE Gossip Girl and The Hills too, just mildly obsessed!!! Ohh I hope you join my contest, that would be fantastic! All the info and rules, etc are up on my blog if you want to take a peek :D

EbeautyBlog said...

Nice haul. I want that NYX concealer in a jar everyone been raving about.

Melissa said...

Hello, Ms. Bev! Great hauls, we should shop together, we'd get the same I got those clips from H&M except in blue and I was trying on sunglasses, but I ran outta time and didn't get any!

Anonymous said...

CHINA GLAZE!! great stuff!! shower together and heaven looks yummy! ud palette looks yummy too!!

MAC warehouse??? don't tell me ur from canada?!?!? we need to get those here in LA!

Anonymous said...

that's so funny that we were at the same store looking at the same stuff! did you get the elf stuff there? because i didn't notice any, but then again, it's a very cluttered store. i need to find this place where you're getting urban decay palettes for $8!

i was just at h&m (on bloor st.) and i would have definitely bought that mac bag if i had seen it. i just converted to mac and that bag would be so cute for it!

lindah said...

I gave you an award :)

Sher said...

hey! I haven't see a tinted moisturizer, but they have a light foundation? is that it?? I have one cheek tint and LOVE it! doing a review on that soon! the cheek tint is almost sold on at the one where I get mine!