Saturday, June 6, 2009


OMG my lack of posts have been seriousss! heh yup, thats what spring/summer semesters do to you! lol the good thing is i am almost done my first set of spring to cuba soon then back for my summer course.

But before finals come around again I am doing a giveaway!! yup, who doesnt love free giveaways right? it's super easy to enter but here is the prize :)

Little Lippie Bag from the Mac 2007 Holiday Collection All that Glitters
Mini Clinique bar of soap
Mini Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Mild
Mini Clinique clarifying lotion 3 lol ya'll know my obsession with clinique products :P
NYX lippie in BL 55 Glamour
Victoria Secret lippie in oatstanding
LUSH herbalism sample
LUSH Angles on bare skin sample *not pictured*
LUSH bath bomb in waving not drowning

1. Have to be a follower of my blog =)
2. Have a short post on your blog about my "big MAC" heh blog sale + MAC giveaway that links back to this post
3. Let me know you've been able to add the link

annnnd thats it!

winners will be drawn randomly and giveaway ends on Friday, June 19th 11:59pm EST

Now for my blog sale!.....As you all probably know i'm in my last year university and its been crazzzzzy!....if you follow me on twitter most of my tweets are about studying or exams. yup, story of my life heh so proceeds to my sale will be going to help me pay off my student loan =) heh yup so there ya have it....

1. paypal users only please :) *pmts must be received within 24 hrs of invoice date*
2. email me with which items you would like and your paypal info
3. Shipping starts at $2.50 for most items bigger items will be $3.50 will confirm via email *edit Internation Shipping Available Just send me your postal code and i'll find out how much shipping is =)*
4. More than 1 item shipping will be less =)
5. prices are negotiable
6. best offer first come first serve
7. first 2 items sold will be getting something special!.......


8. and a small gift with purchase with every purchase =)

Brand New In Box Limited Edition
Beauty Powder- Smooth Harmony from the Heatherette Collection
ohh i LOVEEEE this packaging...but i def dont need two loll i depotted my other one of this and put my blot powder in so i can carry it in my purse :) cuz its soooo cute!! heh got the idea from Fafinettex3

Brand New In Box Mineralized SkinFinish MSF- Warmed
Limited Edition
I loveee this stuff...and it lasts such a long time, i bought a back up cuz i loved it sooo much but i sadly have to let it go to a new home as i've still got my first one lol
Looks awesome as an e/s as well!!
$20 ***SOLD***

Brand New In Box Mineralized Skinfinish Natural in Medium Deep
MUA gave me the wrong color =( and i lost the receipt...supposed to be medium dark!
So hopefully this can go to a medium dark girl :P lol could also use as a contour but i've got tons of contour colors already.
$15 ***SOLD***

Brand New In Box Little Darlings 5 Soft Sparkle Eye Pencil Set
Limited Edition from the 2008 Holiday Collection
will come with special red zipper pouch will email pictures* or post pics later
Black Funk
Fab Orchid
Softsparkle Peacocked
Mint & Olive

Brand New In Box Shadowy Lady Quad
Limited Edition from the Cult of Cherry Collection
I loveeeeeee this quad!!! see Fafinettex3's tutorial blog post on it...amazing!

Light Fall
Smudged Violet
Deep Truth
Shadowy Lady

k my pics sucked for this so i took the last picture from the internet lol so you can see the colors better =) let me know if you want any other pictures of it!

Brand New In Box Warm Eyes Holiday 2008 Quad
Intriguing Scarlet 6 Warm Eyes
Limited Edition
$23 ***SOLD***
Warm Suede
Grand Entrance
Real Drama
Gentle Heat
Well Spiced
Sweet Joy

Brand New Signature Rectangle MAC mini make up bag
classic rectangle M.A.C silhouette redefined in a smaller mini size. Features a New black on black repeat patchwork logo in satin-finish grosgrain ribbed cotton
$6 **SOLD**
retails for $22 U.S $26.50 CAD

Annnnd thats it!!! Thank you for participating =) It realllly really helps out! Email me if you want any other information or pictures on anything!




Sher said...

heyyy I posted about this haha =) awesome stuff!!

izumi said...

posted! ;) this is onneeee big mac sale! hahaa. now where's my sugar daddy to buy me stuff??

My-My said...

I'm crying inside. I reeeeeeeeeeally reeeeeeeeally wanna help you pay your student loan. LOL. but I got loans too. dammit!

Chomsiri said...

hey hun! here's my post:

and man, im really eyeing on the mac shadowy lady quad! everyone sells them for a much higher price! ahhhh! good luck on the sales <3

Marietta said...

Oh and that's the post!

Marietta said...

Weird, my first comment doesnt appear!!
Well, I wrote
"Great stuff!Posted about the awesome giveaway!I really want to try some lush!!
Plus, will you ship international?And how much would that be?I'm thinking about the Heatherette powder ( and yes the packaging is so pretty, I want to put my blot powder there too! :) )"

jojos4eva said...

hehehe i posted ur giveaway and have emailed u :p im eyeing something :p

♥Leigh♥ said...

Your giveaway looks great! I wanna join!

Btw, if you ever do come to Dxb, lemme know!Ü Would love to take you around.

Laura Faye said...

Wow I wish I could buy everything!!

Here is my post:

Dila said...

woow u have great stuff here :)..
I would love to enter ur giveaway :) and here is my blog,

Anonymous said...

Great stuff! Join me please, here is my post:

Ohh I'd love the Shadowy Lady Quad! But I have no money, plus no paypal. :(

Posey said...

There is a link to my post!!!!!

Good luck on your sale Lovepink!

Miss.Fab said...

I'm a new follower!

I have to support my canadian girlies!

I blogged about your sale and giveaway here!

gracie0623 said...

hi!!! can i join your contest??

Anonymous said...

hey cute stuff your selling :)
& i posted about this on my blog..

check it out Here!


Pop Champagne said...

oh cool! I'll post it on my blog tomorrow :D

Gaby said...

Hi! Here's my post about your sale & giveaway:


rainbowdust33 said...

I've just sent you an email!

Thanks! xx

KRYSTAL said...

hey girl! ahhhh i love your blog sale!! u have some awesome stuff, i wish i can help out and buy, but i am totallllyyy broke at the moment!! ive joined ur giveaway tho! here is my entry! ive also linked back your blog sale onto my blog post!

thank you for this awesome giveaway.. take care!

adin_22 said...

I want to buy some of your stuff but I still need mucho's my post to your giveaways and blog sale....Thanks for hosting one....

G.R.I.T.S. said...

Hey I posted a link back to here on my blog... here's the link to go 2 it!

Rae Byuel

Glamorouxx said...

Add me into the wonderful draw :)

My post is here

MintChocolate23 said...

Hey! I posted about your sale

please add me into the drawing!

Anonymous said...

great giveaway!!! and make that money honey!

becky said...

good luck with school and go handle it :)

are u going to school abroad for the summer? how fun!

Yin said...

awesome giveaway.
Cuba sounds lovely. You gotta show us your tan ^^

Sharlene A. said...

i wish i can get both of those palettes, but like everyone else im broke. if its still there by next week i'll probably get it.

anyway heres my post:

lindah said...

wow, I'm taking the summer off before I officially start a full year of only college courses! :) Yesss, I just graduated high school lol but I have a lot of college hours already :D

anywho, here's this post for you :) It's all about PINK stuff mostly lol

throuthehaze said...

Im a follower and posted here:

Sherry said...

follow your blog

Sherry said...


Popcorn said...

i already followed your bloggy!!!!
awww, student loan.....gosh, i really wish was the first to email you about the Mac Holiday Palette. :( but, i will participate in your giveaway!
Good Luck to the Sale~

xy said...

blog about your blog sale here!! =)

..::MAYRA::... said...

Hey love your blog sale wish I could help you out anywho heres my post......

Anonymous said...

gosh i luv all your giveaways i posted this already here's the link


lindah said...

*cheers* someone bought the heatherette! Now I can be like.. I was too late instead of buying it xD I'm so poor! I'm buying a macbook pro soon and those babies are expensive.. :( I can already feel the pain! LOL

I'm only getting one thing from naked honey: honey light high-light powder :) Just for cuteness purpose only xD But if you haul in houston, you should give yourself a limit! That's the only way lol

Krystia said...

Hey girl I'm Entering your giveaway! I'm a follower and I posted this to my blog! Thanx

Nan, ナン said...

I added ur link in my blog AND am a follower!

As in.. I'm entering the draw.
Hope you're enjoying the weekend.

Fifi said...

Hi there!
I'm entering your giveaway! Here's my link:

AbcGrrrL said...

Hey girlie!

I wanna enter! I posted your link on my front page (I'll update with a blog post later on, so it'll be in 2 places) It's on the top!

Anonymous said...

Hey girl. I posted about your giveaway and BIG MAC sale. haha You have some REALLY great goodies!

Rita *Lala* said...

i'm a new follower... i would like to entry your giveaways.
i posted about it on my blog:


KawaiiFallenStar said...

Posted. Follower.

Thanks for opportunity
Great prizes.

Shan x

suzieduck said...

hi, i'd love to join your contest, but can i be a blogspot follower rather than on twitter? :P

if my eligibilty is valid my post is on

Iris said...


I joined your contest, here's my entry:

Followed your Blog, too.

Thanks a lot!

MOmmy Iris

Shobe said...

hi dear i just posted ur sale and giveaway to my blog:

Amanda said...

Hi I posted your Big MAC sale and giveaway. I'm also a follower.

ellainedale said...

hi!!! i already posted this and i hope ill win.. lol!! this is the 1st tym i joined.. and ur blog is so helpful..

mszcheysser said...

Hiiii. I'm a new follower :)

I joined your giveaway! Thanks for holding it! And good luck on your sale!

tina said...

hey girl...I just enter for your contest...check my blog out...

thanks lovely...

Mrs.Zeus said...

YaY! I still get to enter and the link will up at

Louise" said...

here's my post:

Anne said...

Glad I found this in time! New follower and blogged it here:

Gel said...

Please see my post here:

I would love to win! Thanks for this generous giveaway. :)

Karen said...

hey hunny; i'm a new follower =]
can't wait too be reading your new posts!!

check out my blog

Thank-you for holding this generous giveaway hunny <33

L to the inh said...

thanks for doing a giveaway!!! :-)

Katrina V said...

Following your blog :)

Katrina V said...

Posted on my blog!

Thanks for this great giveaway!

Saimese said...

I added your link to my list of contests/giveaways on Blogger:

Check out the link for other giveaways & contests that are going on.. maybe you'll find something that you want to enter!

Krystia said...

Hey, there, I noticed that your giveaway should be over, but you didn't do any updates on it. Just wondering how far you got with it, good luck with everything, though!*_*!

Nicci said...

I love all this stuff! just did a MAC post and somehow ended up here xxx great blog x

john said...

your giveway is fantastic.i would like to join.its nice.