Sunday, March 15, 2009


it's been SOOO long since my last post!! mainly because of school of course, and because i haven't been hauling since HK! trying to saveee for sugarsweet!!!! decided to skip the grand duos collection, they were too shimmery for my preference or for an everyday type thing. So i got a $50 gift card, well my bf has it but its for ME! haha obvi! not sure what to get! probably the smallest size of the philosophy purity cleanser. I loveeee that stuff sooo much!! had four samples that are just about used up, so I think im going to get the smallest size, it's pretty pricey for a face wash. So i'm planning on doing a short review on it, and on the latest fresh face mask i recently tried from LUSH. until then, wanted to share how my desktop looks! i changed my icons, they have a sanrio set i've only changed a few to the sanio ones, but obvi my fave is the HK one :) and the hula dancer! heh cuz im sad i stopped dancing :( thats all for now!!!



Iyah said...

Cutee!! how did you put HK on your desktop? I want it! :p

LOVEpink said...

heh i know right :) once i figure out and remember how i did it i'll msg you! just recently got my macbook so still getting used to it :P lol but i'll let you know asap :)

Whit said...

haha that's my desktop picture too (thanks to temptalia)

Shen said...

sis, we have the same desktop! :)