Thursday, February 19, 2009

What I'm using right now

From Faffinettex3, Tao and New york shopacholic's blogs


Shampoo - Matrix Biolage colorcarethérapie

Conditioner - Matrix Biolage Color Care Conditioner

Hair Mask - None yet lol

Styling Products - Finesse hair spray & Kickstart curl mousse


Body Wash - Dove Body Wash

Body Moisturizer - Olay Quench active hydration sooo good, even has small cute sparkles that last all day

Anti Perspirent - Secret

Fake Tan - none


Makeup Remover - Clinique rinse off makeup solvent, Clinique rise off foaming cleanser

Cleanser - Clinique liquid facial soap

Exfoliator - Clinique exfoliating scrub

Mask - Clinique 15 minute facial (discontinued but sooooo good!! can really see the radiance)


Primer - none, just just my moisturizer

Foundation - MAC Studio sculpt founcation NC40 or Mineralized satinfinish NC40

Concealer - MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer NW25 loveeeee this!!! definitely brightens under eyes

Powder - MAC Mineralized skinfinish natural medium deep, MAC HK beauty powder in Tahitian sand

Blush - Nars Orgasm, MAC Fun&Games, Coastal scents contour palette

Bronzer - MAC MSF So Ceylon-- my bronzer HG!!! lol too bad i didnt get a back up :S

Highlighter - MAC MSF Soft and Gentle, Nars albatross

Eyebase - UDPP <333333

Eyeshadow - MAC satin taupe, soft brown, vanilla, 88 CS palette

Eyeliner - Urban decay 24/7 zero, MAC blacktrack

Curler - NYC curler

Mascara - Maybelline great last mascara....such a classic!! lol read in allure, 1 sold in every 0.6 seconds or something like that haha

Lipstick - MAC b-babe, Plink! , Bare Slimshine

Gloss - MAC peroxide, MAC HK Nice kitty

Nail Varnish - MAC varicose violet, MAC HK on the prowl

My want-to-buy list loll
Shu uemura eye last curler
Philosophy Purity made simple cleanser
Mandom Cleanser

UDPP sin
...and im sure theres more but im tired and have to study :( ttys!!!



anne said...

I use nars orgasm everyday too and you should definitley purchase the shu eumura eyelash curler, my fav!

anne said...

OH and read on your profile that you live in toronto canada, guess what?? I DO TOO! haha

LOVEpink said...

@ anne: OMG YAY!!! heh i bet we've probably seen each other at sephora or MAC lollll i usually go to the Eaton center one!!

miemiemie said...

definitely definitely get the shu curler, its the besssssssst

LOVEpink said...

@ miemiemie: k for sure!! heh im excited noww hahah espcially with my short & straight lashes :( lolll

only x lindah said...

you're an NC40 too? you look so much lighter xD LOL 'cause I know I look super dark in person. or maybe it's just the texas sun? haha

Iyah said...

I love clinique products also! :) They're sooo mild :D

Iyah said...

Did you buy strayin yet? OMGosh its the best pink ever! :P

Nicole said...

oh i love nars orgasm and i'm thinking of buying the shu uemura eye las curler too! great stuff, that olay quench moisturizer sounds good i like the fact that it has sparkles ;)

Kimberly Tia said...

awwwwww aren't you pretty!!!!
I was blog walking and had to stop by!!
and that's a killer list of your faves!!! hope to see more entries!!!