Monday, February 16, 2009

FOTD: Mac too dolly look + Valentines Day + Mac Haul

Happy 2 day late valentines day!!!

I hope everyone enjoyed vday! I had work in the morning, then an audition for a feature film coming up that will be filming here. so didn't do much vday stuff until the evening. Soo after the audition I went over to MAC to pick up the studio scuplt foundation. The MUA and I were debating on NC 37 or NC 40. I usually use NC 40 with my mineralzed satin finish, but the studio scuplt is supposadly a tinsy bit darker. So I ended up with the NC 40 and seems to be working just fine. I was worried about the oilness effect i've been reading about and with my t zone being oily i was unsure. But i couldnt resist so I bought it anyway and also went back to pick up the too dolly HK palette, fun and games HK beauty powder blush, as well as the infamous 109 brush. And after checking out some of the moisturizers the MUA convinced me to get the stobe cream which I am inlove with, but i think im going to swap it for the stobe liquid so mixing it with my foundation will be easier. pics of the haul to follow.

What I used:

stobe cream moisturizer
studio sculpt foundation NC 40
tahitan sand beauty powder
fun and games beauty powder blush HK
soft and gentle MSF

bare study paint pot
HK too dolly palette
blacktrack fluidline
plush lash mascara

mac Please me lipstick
Lipglass, Viva Glam V

So far i love the new studio sculpt, thinking of picking up the conceler tomorrow before work. anyways my bf and I went out for dinner and watched confessions of a shopacholic. which i absoutely loved!!! although my bf temporarily fell asleep for a minute or so hahaha but the movie reminded me not to buy things unless i absoutely neeeeed them, my whole theory was only buy if it if i LOVEEE it, and it isnt very hard for me to fall inlove with MAC products lol. I hope everyone had a greattt valentines day!



Anonymous said...

very pretty! happy belated v-day!=]

Anonymous said...

you are soooo beautiful! =)

Anonymous said...

Hi girlie, thanks much! Yeah, I really like the colorstay foundation coz it doesn't make my face oily at all. I can't compare it to any MAC foundation thoug coz I haven't tried em. hehehe. =]

Iyah said...

Lucky, you got 2 tote bags! Awww.. I dint get one at all! :( Love your HK haul :) You look so pretty! You look lighter than NC40 in pictures :)

Posey said...

Hey girl! I have the Strobe Liquid, and really love it. I will say it doesnt give AS MUCH of a strobey look as the cream (in my opinion) but it is still there. And i like to mix it directly with my foundation, not putting it on prior. I just put both on my sponge then use my 187 and kind of mix them as i am buffing it in my skin.

I like the liquid because it doesnt feel as heavy.

Also, from what ive heard, the strobe cream isnt a moisturizer? hmm maybe where i read it they were wrong. If it works for you then who cares lol!

Anonymous said...

First, thank you for following my blog! ;)

You look so pretty cute.
Uhm, you have not added the 'Follow Me' gadget, yet. I will follow you as soon as you have it!


only x lindah said...

eyes look great! :) I think I want to try this look to work xD Hope to see more looks from the HK palette :D

Vanessa said...

gorgeous V-Day look! You are so cute!

Inspiring Beauty Creator: said...

Your eyes look divine!