Thursday, February 12, 2009

HELLO KITTY HAUL :).....and more.

Hey beauties,

I just started blogging and what a better first post to have than this one! (Still getting the hang of blogspot) Sooooo because I was unable to make it to the unveiling because of work, I went extra early to pick up my purchases. Just walking to the store I was super excited because of all the hype thats been going around. And it definitely lived up to its potential in my books. Okay enough ranting here's what I picked up:


Fashion Mews
Big Bow

Nice Kitty
Fast Friends

Beauty powder:
Tahitian sand

Beauty powder blush:

Tinted lip conditioner:
Pink fish

Nail Lacquer:
Something about pink
on the prowl
verstral white

Medium make up bag
Brush set

Right when I walked in I noticed they were giving the cutest HK tote bags with every MAC purchase, and luckily the MUA gave me two :)

So I went to class, super excited to look at all my HK stuff, and get home a few hours after, only to find a package waiting for me!!!!! EEEEE!! it was my coastal scents package. I couldn't not get the 88 shadow palette as well as the contouring palette.....and a few brushes and gel eye liners. I guess you could say I had a great day today with all this!!!! Still waiting on a package from cherry culture from their 20% off sale. On a side note, they usually don't sell NYX here in Toronto, or at least I haven't been able to find any....until yesterday I randomly saw it at my local drugstore! They didn't have much, and was disappointed to see they didn't have any of the lippies :(
After a long long day at school, and the new additions to my collection

Anyways thats it today, for my first post ever! Any tips on anything else great im missing out on for HK??? ANDDDDD anyoneee know a good trick in getting the awful smell out of the coastal scent brushes :S ....I washed it 3 times with different brush cleaner and soaps, and nothing works!



My-My said...

HEY! Welcome to blogspot! That really is a wonderful haul. It sure takes a while to fiddle with blogspot, but once you get the concept, its easy.

as for the smelly brushes, I like using EnKore's technique to deodorizing my brushes. It really works. I've done it to every smelly brush I owned.

note: He mentions to leave it in the solution for 10 minutes. But I tend to leave mine for half an hour to be absolute secure that the smell is gone.

Hope that helps. and once again, welcome. :)

Posey said...

Welcome to Blogging! and thank you for following my blog!

Great haul there lady! I didnt get any HK stuff, im not big on HK and nothing screamed to me Lol.

I will be following your blog!

Keep it up!

Posey said...

Thank you for the comment! I Love my makeup room and it didnt even cost me 150 bucks for the whole set up! (well other than the makeup of course! lol)

Anonymous said...

Lovely HK haul! First time visitor to your blog and I'm liking what I'm seeing :) Welcome to blogger.

Anonymous said...

such a pretty haul! only got the blush tippy lol. I want to get 2 lippies. =] and welcome to blogspot!!!

My-My said...

oh don't worry. I wish I learned from it sooner as well. Cuz I've bought quite a lot of stuff from Coastal Scents as well. :(

Anonymous said...

You make me sooo envious with your Hello Kitty haul! ;)

I still have to wait until March, since that's the launch time for the HK collection in Austria. :(

*Nehs* said...

whoa! *drools* cool new stuffs!!!

1NDULGENCE said...

Hey =)

Nice haul, HK was just too amazing to pass up! My BF thinks I got too much stuff, LOL. Yeah I believe Rexall has a couple of NYX things but just like eyeshadows and liners. =( so unfair, haha.

anyways, welcome =)

Tashia said...

Aw you're a new blogger like me =) lol I love the collection. I need to pick up a few items as well. Tell me something.. Are you happy with your Coastal Scents palettes? I'm thinking of ordering. Welcome again!

LOVEpink said...

@ 1ndulgence: I knowww! lol thats exactly where i saw them @ the atrium, but soo little selection :(

@ Tashia: heh yup! still new @ it, i loveee my palette, so much selection but i think u may be able to get it from ebay for cheaper?