Saturday, February 21, 2009

My Two Cents: Studio Sculpt Foundation

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So I've been using Studio sculpt for about a week now and it did break me out at first. But i'm not 100% sure its from it. So thats why i kept using it for a few more days just to see. The finish is a really healthy, dewy glow, i was skeptical at first that it would make my face shiny, but when i tried it it wasnt like that at all. It does make your skin look flawless! It looks great paired with fun & games HK beauty power blush for a natural glow. And so far no new break outs. I really wanted to keep it because of the consistency and texture of it. And it doesn't give a 'cakey' mask look. + when i found out it was gel based i REALLY wanted to keep it since all gel based products are recommended for combination to oily skin. I have a friend who works at the Clinique counter and she insists I stick with gel based products to help clear and prevent acne. So looks like I'll be keeping it not sure if it'll completely replace my mineralized satin finish or if it'll become my HG though :S.....

Great Finish
Doubles as a concealer for covering blemishes and scars (when buffed on more)
Don't need much product
Gel based
Convenient tube

Hard to blend if you don't do it right away
Could streak if not careful
Sometimes feels a bit sticky

Check out my HK too dolly post for pics using studio sculpt....

Also got a really small haul from Clinique's GWP that i'll post soon! Have 4 exams in just 2 days first two on monday!!...gotta get studying :S



Somaly said...

hey love. came to swing by to see if you would be interested in some contacts. =]

A. Rose said...

Just stopping by. I've been using this foundation for a few weeks now and I love it. It does dry out fast, but I usually spritz my brush with water before I dip it into the foundation. It blends better that way...and no streaks! Hope that helps!

only x lindah said...

I want to try this! But I need to finish my mufe hd. I need something more hydrating! :(

Iyah said...

Oh no, did you say it broke you out too? Mee too! I meant I tried it at the MAC Counter and the next day, OMG I have a zit on my cheeks and I don't usually get zits on my cheeks. It was horrible. That's probably why I hate using foundie. :( I'll stick to tinted moisturizer instead :( I'm glad it worked out for you though :)

Nu Nu Doll said...

I love this foundation! I read that whenever you switch foundations, your skin is bound to have some kind of reaction because it is not used to the new product..? I am not sure if that's true though?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this review!
I'm always keen on reading reviews about foundation!


anne said...

ahhh you forgot it smells bad! LOL

1NDULGENCE said...

I tried it out and it felt so nice, I really wanna try it but my mineralize satinfinish is still almost full =(

Tina said...

thanks for the review!

ps, i'm having a Paul & Joe makeup giveaway at my blog :)

LOVEpink said...

@ 1ndulgence: haha mee too i have 3/4 left of my mineralized satinfinish, gave it to my mom :P hahaha

@ Tine: anytime!!
im definitely going to check you your blog :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for your comment!=] I know... 10 bucks for an spf 70 face lotion. I have only used it once.. I'm scared to wear it to work though coz I walk around alot and don't want anything funky lookin on my face at the middle of the day lol!!!! so I have to yet wear it morrree. take care!