Friday, October 23, 2009

Looking for a cheap volumizing shampoo?....

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to share the love on a cheap..amazing product i came across. If you are looking for volume...this post is for you :)

I read about this in GLOW magazine as being the best drugstore volumizing shampoo out there and when I saw it on sale for 2 for $5 I had to get it. It is the Herbal Essence Volumizing shampoo and conditioner. Unfortunately they did not have anymore of the shampoo in stock so I opted for the conditioner. When I tried it I washed and dryed my hair as usual...woke up in the morning and my hair was HUGE! like actually HUGE! and im the girl with the pin straight hair. So if you're looking for a cheap volumizing shampoo definitely check this out :)

Volumizing Shampoo:my volumizing shampoo will show you the difference between body and big hair. it's all about body with my weightless formula fused with white nectarine & pink coral flower. this exhilarating clean will lift you up. and my fresh lather will leave you with lush, full volume that moves naturally. think that's uplifting? try my conditioner.

Volumizing Conditioner: lots of bounce for the ounce. use us for a lift in all the right places. we'll give you lush volume and body that really moves.



Gaby said...

I bought the conditioner some months ago but I didn't try it yet! Thanks for sharing!

Becky (everyday makeup) said...

how funny, i use the same one lol. I alternate between this and tresemme'. I love them both.

lindah said...

I used to use herbal essenses, but I haven't in a while. I think I'll try it out whenever I run out of bed head :) I want some big head hair ^_^ Please do your post soon! I miss your updates <3

Anonymous said...

I love this shampoo and conditioner. Lucky it works so well for you! Maybe my hair is just limp and lifeless hahaha!

Glamourxz said...

I totally love this product! and i totally agree with you. This shampoo is the bomb!

-Little Miss Glamourxz