Friday, May 1, 2009

OMG its the first week of May!

Wow! i can't believe how fast the month went by. This week was my week off since my winter semester ended. and now im back to school on Tuesday for the spring semester. wahh. I havent taken so many spring courses before and this time around im taking 4 so im a bit scared :S eeks. Anyways i've been doing some small hauling lately and heres 1 from over a month ago including my sugarsweeeet haul [ i know im terrible lol and havent been able to update a lot lately] :

1. Lash blast [obvi who doesnt love!! lol] thanks to the bf :P
2. Wet 'n wild brow pencil in taupe ....again the bf
3. Sally Hansen age correct top & base cote .....&& a present from him to releive some exam stress haha
4. LUSH angels on bare skin
5. LUSH porridge soap
6. LUSH cupcake fresh face mask
7. LUSH bath bomb [not pictured]
8. MAC shadestick lemon chiffon
9. MAC e/s aquavert
10. MAC peppermint patti nail laquer

Also during exams i think this was after my hardest one and before my last one i told myself i'd treat myself to a dazzleglass after exams as a reward lol but the day after my hardest one i was studying with the bf and i leave the table to use the washroom....come back and find a MAC receipt laying on the table for a dazzleglass!! haha low & behold he got me Money Honey :) yayyy for surprises!! heh + i finalllllllly got tweezermans thanks to him & a portion of the money made from it went to breast cancer :)

and an update lol still working on depotting my 43 NYX e/s's gawwwd its taking forev loll almost have half of it done so hopefully after the weekend :) and i finally tried the leniage strawberry peel!! mmm! heh k til next time!




lindah said...

still studying for one more exam.. eek calculus! lol, I'm nervous but I know I'll do average or better :) and that sucks about going back to school. I think I may take summer classes.. but maybe not :P I think I'm too lazy haha!

and thanks :D the pink eyeshadow stained my lids! I looked like I had an allergic reaction or something because I didn't wear any makeup the next morning and it's still pink LOL!

♥Leigh♥ said...

Oh you look so cute!Ü

Beauty is Androgynous said...

thanks! i hope i get the job too. its so hard rite now to land any job.

i just saw ur nyx haul down below oh lord i love nyx. those lipsticks look great too! i need to up my lip collection

ANGE said...

OMGGGAHHH! you are soo gorgeous!!!

must follow! LOL

ANGE said...

damn it, those stupid "follow me" things are not working lol

Katrina said...

once you go mac, u never go back, LOL. you look so pretty in all the pics! :) lovin ur short hair <33