Sunday, April 5, 2009

REVIEW: Lush Face Masks

Okay so I've purchased a LUSH fresh face mask over a month ago now and tried two different ones. I like the idea of them being so fresh and no preservatives, just makes my feel so much better that there so fresh :P the price of them around around $8.00 CDN which isn't horrible, just as long as you use it up before it expires. and you have to remember to refrigerate it.

the first one i tried is Cosmetic Warrior

as soon as i opened it, i didnt think i'd be able to put it on my face because of the strong smell, but I did and eventually just got used to the smell and it wasnt horrible. at times it really got to me, other times it actually smelt refreshing, like vegetables or something lol. I used this thing religiously every other night, and kept it on for about 10 minutes. by then it would be really hard and sorta gave me shivers when i washed it off cuz it was so hard lol maybe im jut weird but it just felt way to hard for my liking. loll

-made a noticeable difference to my skin, immediately felt soo much softer
-definitely helped with my blemishes and pimples, saw a difference within 2 uses
-no lingering smell
-helped remove excess oil without drying
-skin feels refreshed after taking the mask off

-overwhelming smell
-hardens within just 10 minutes
-has an expiry date

Repurchase?: Yes

Overall, if you can get over the smell, it can really help you out. I've had really tiny not so much pimples because they arent red, but just small bumps on my forehead, and i noticed a huge difference after a few uses of the mask, nothing i've ever tried took away those bad boys except for this. Once i stopped using it and tried cupcake they came back :( so i'll definitely be re purchasing this once my cupcake is done :)

just as cosmetic warrior as soon as i opened this the smell has definitely strong and dominate. Better than the cosmetic warrior smell, but almost too sweet. it definitely did smell like a cake batter but mixed with something else. I used this maybe only 3 times, i used it for the first time for about 10 minutes just as i did with my cosmetic warrior, but it was extremely hard to take off when i did and not to mention realllly messy in my sink and around my counter! so i tried it next for just 5 minutes and it was a bit easier, and the 3rd time i used it and took it off in the shower which i think is the best way with this one.

-Definitely helped with my oiliness
-Also helped keep my skin smoother than usual
-Wasn't drying

-Although the smell is better than the other mask its way to strong for me and unlike cosmetic warrior i couldnt get over the smell somehow.
-the smell lingers until the next day my bf even noticed :S [and didnt like it lol]
-kinda hurt my nose while it was on, i guess that could be a good thing because it was probably working at my blackheads lol but it stinged so much!
-A lot harder to take off for some reason, i had to really scrub and it made my skin super irritated and red :( (but my skin is sensitive) i think it may have been the peppermint oil that caused the irritation according to the SA
-Also a lot messier to use

Repurchase?: Surprisingly No :(

I think i after the crazy irritation i had im scared to keep trying it. my face was extremely red and irritated, but that could just be me and my sensitive skin. i actually wanted to LOVE this product, and thought i'd like it better than cosmetic warrior, but i guess not!!

So thats my 2 cents, have some hauls i wanna share but i cant find my usb cord to upload the pics :( lol thats what i get for being in the middle of moving loll


ps: my twitter is back up :P


Iyah said...

I should get a sample of the cosmetic warrior!:) looks like a nice mask :D

only x lindah said...

* yuMmmmy *

Cupcake looks like a brownie! LOL

and cosmetic warrior looks like... some type of food xD

mszcheysser said...

Just like what "only x lindah" say, it does look like a brownie! I never bought anything from Lush yet. But I should, from all the good (and some bad) reviews that I hear from :]

Katrina said...

thanks for the review :) i wanted to try cupcake but after reading this, i wont be getting that anymore :p i also have sensitive skin so that might not work for me since u said it was hard to take off and stinged ur nose awww.. i'll def try cosmetic warrior. ive been searchin for a good face mask so ima try that. :) great review!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bev... yes, unplanned trips are fun.. but it would be even better if I was just a passenger and not drive at all hahahahaha.... how lazy of me. Nice review of the masks... I should try Lush products.. I am really interested with their soaps..

Anonymous said...

i used the cupcake once and i had a really big breakout the next day lefted with scarring after! But did leave my face smooth after i washed it off though!!