Friday, October 30, 2009

Clinique GWP

Clinique GWP

We all know i love clinique, and who doesn't like GWP's! lol since i don't go to the mall as much where my friend works at clinique, i haven't been hauling as much from there haha but if there is one thing that'll always work for me its the dramatically different gel. i've been using this stuff since high school and its never failed. i am sure there are other moisturizers out there, but after the ones ive tried, i always find myself going back to this one. i always make sure my moisturizer is oil free/gel based for my skin type. i alsoo love the moisture surge, but its just a bit pricey. good thing is that we get a pretty decent sized sample of the moisture surge, so i'll be using it sparingly. In the day time i use cetaphils oil free moisturizer with SPF...its okayy, i feel that it leaves me feeling a bit oily and greasy, definitely not something i can wear on its own without power. but i do use it in the day time since i have it lol.

lol i definitely needed a new bottle!

Youth Surge age decelerating moisturizer Anti-wrinkle SPF152. Cream stick blush in Glow Brush3. Different lipstick in Shy4. Full Potential lips plump and shine in Glamour-full5. Lash doubling mascara in black6. Rinse-off eye makeup solventTotal value $70

I can't get the blushcreme to work for me...i tried using it with my SS188, and it didnt work out at all :( if anyone has any suggestions pls let me know :)

I gave my mom the dramatically different lotion since i only use the gel based one, and i also gave her the youthsurge moisturizer. not too sure about the lippie, havent exactly opened it, from what i saw it looked a bit too dark for my skin tone....the mascara is great for my makeup bag, not as much volume for my lashes, but it does the job!

The makeup solvent is decent, i still have a bottle from another GWP i got a few months ago that I am still using, i mean its not the greatest...definitely doesn't beat MACs cleanse off oil lol but since i have so much of this makeup solvent i use it! haha

I got a bunch of samples of the turnaround concentrate....i used to use it sooo much a few years back & just got back into using it again since I have so many samples :)

One down side with the GWP is it didn't come with a makeup bag this time, only a box...not that i really need anymore makeup but they're always nice to have!

So if you're in Canada check out your Sears, the GWP bonus is until Remembrance day, November 11th and its a minimum of $26.50. Happy Shopping!



lindah said...

I resisted the nordstrom gwp :D!! I'm so proud of myself... and I'm in need of some more eyecream in a month or two! LOL.. I don't think my sears has a clinique, it's more neglected and more of a appliance place now :)