Friday, October 23, 2009

Volcanic Ash Exfoliator and Thermal Mask Review & my surprise

Okay, so after a few weeks of trying both i think i can give an honest opinion on them. Both products have been sold out at every mac counter i checked, so here is what I personally think....

Volcanic Ash Exfoliator
"A highly effective, dual-purpose, foaming and exfoliating scrub blending natural Volcanic Ash with fine sugar crystals from the islands of Vanuatu. Adds moisture: leaves skin feeling soft and comfortably clean. Mineral-rich. Good for absorbing skin’s natural oils. May be used on any part of face or body. Rinses off with warm water.
100 ML/3.4 US FL
CA$23.50 "

-Made my skin incredibly soft!
-Great packaging

-Definitely do not like the smell :( even after several uses, it just doesnt work out for me lol
-not sure if this is by coincidence, but EVERY time i've used it, it caused a breakout. i've used it more than 5 times, and each time....a new mini breakout.
-limited edition
-somewhat expensive for an exfoliator
-veryyy messy around the sink

Overall, im not in love with this exfoliator, i'd prefer my clinique exfoliator over this one, and it smells a lot better! i didnt think this would have caused breakouts, but again each time i used it the next morning i saw a breakout. so weird!! i really wanted to love this product, but i dont think its working out for me right now. i have one and one backup, i think im going to return the backup and just keep the one to try in the future, maybe my skin will like it later haha but for now, its going under my sink back into the box.

Volcanic Ash Thermal Mask
"Formulated with Volcanic Ash and natural oils, this ash-black facial mask simultaneously deep-cleanses and treats the skin. When water is added, the mask heats up and the oils instantly lubricate the skin, leaving it feeling soft and clean. Helps keep skin moist, clean, soft, and evenly-textured. Limited edition.
100 ML/3.4 US FL
CA$23.50 "

-Again made my skin sooo soft
-Great packaging
-Not hard to remove....unlike the queen hele mask (which i love) but is so hard to remove cuz it gets soo hard
-Waming u like a spa like experience
-Not overly drying
-Feel like my skin looks more radiant the next morning

-Limited edition

I loveeee this product soo much. again i have one product and one back up and im definitely keeping both. I just love how my face looks and feels after its use.

So thats my two cents let me know what you thought about any of these products :)

My boyfriend surprised me with THIS HUGE PRESENT! omg! i was soooo happy and so thankful he got this for me! I cant wait to try it :) im sooo excited!




Dila said...

ohh u re so lucky I want that clarisonic soo bad but it's kinda expensive :)

Sher said...

mac needs to make this perm! awww your bf is so sweeeeet!!!

Gaby said...

Those MAC exfoliator & mask sure look awesome! But they are a bit too expensive for my budget -_-'

Babybubblz said...

I have to agree with the exfoliator, the smell was very weird, I was able to pick it up but I couldn't get used to it either.

OMG mini clarisonic! So exciting! You have to tell us if it's worth soon =)

SweetShuGa said...

i love these products, i wish its permanent..=/

Iyah said...

great review!!! :D

OMG the clarisonic!!! The Pink one too!! and the full size!! OH EM GEE!! IM REally Jealous!! ahahahah! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Gosh, thats horrible, the #1 thing that I look for is if a product breaks ppl out...and I'm definitely not using this. On a lighter note: awww your bf is super sweet!

izumi said...

oo thanks for the reviews, i haven't had time to try it out yet hahaha. and goodness that's a huge surprise!! how sweet of him :)

Diane said...

I agree with your review, the exfoliator was okay, but I loved the mask!

Your boyfriend got you the best present! How sweet of him!

Jani said...

Thanks for the great review!

I was thinking possibly the exfoliator might be too harsh for your skin. It's been said that over exfoliating or pressing too hard can cause tiny micro tears in your skin, which leaves it prone to breakouts or infections etc.

I read this from pink sith's blog

Marce said...

Great review! This is actually the first sort of negative review I've read about the Volcanic Ash Exfoliator. It still hasn't arrived here, but I want to try it out when it does. But I'm a bit scared of shelling out that amount of money, for a product I don't know will suit me! Oh well, we'll see

lindah said...

your man is so sweet! :D I think if I got it, I'm not sure if I would keep up with the use lol so I'll probably hold back for now ^_^

and I hate the smell of the volcanic ash stuff! It doesn't go away even after you wash it! I got two exfoliators and one mask. After the little beads dissolve on the exfoliator I just keep it on for a little longer as a mask although it doesn't dry like the other one :)

Angela said...

hey girl

i did a review on these 2 on my blog too. I totally agree with you that the exfoliator has a weird smell, but overall i really like it.

And Im a new follower and love your blog.